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About Avishtech

Avishtech provides EDA software through its Gauss suite of PCB Simulation and Design offerings, which deliver a new level of design capability through critical insight into the signal integrity, manufacturability, reliability, and long-term operability of products. Our advanced integrated simulation and design and environment delivers significant key first-of-their-kind capabilities, with a level of granularity and accuracy previously not available, critical for high data rate, high frequency product implementations. Gauss Stack allows you to design robust PCB stackups, through thermomechanical simulations that provide predictions for Plated Through Hole reliability, Microvia reliability, Solder Joint reliability, as well as Dielectric Stress Analysis, and checks for Glass Stop / Resin Starvation. Gauss 2D allows you to conduct highly accurate and fast simulations of transmission line behavior with full RLGC outputs, frequency-dependent properties, and Multivariate Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis, within the first-and-only offering that accurately models insertion loss by accounting for ground plane losses.

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