Hidden Secrets of IBIS Sampling Specifications

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, August 17 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM

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Location: Exec Ballroom 210C

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Title: Hidden Secrets of IBIS Sampling Specifications

Event Type: DesignCon - Technical Session

Pass Type: All-Access Pass, 2-Day Pass

Theme: Automotive,Consumer Electronics,High-speed Communications,Data Centers,Infrastructure


The I/O Buffer Information Specification-Algorithmic Modeling Interface (IBIS-AMI) enables sharing of a model, which encompasses the complexity of the transmitter and receiver blocks. The IBIS-AMI model outputs an equalized waveform along with sampling information to the EDA tool. This paper gives an overview on sampling through the AMI_Init and AMI_GetWave flow part of the IBIS specification along with insight into reserved parameters usage. Results through seven EDA tools in modelling three different sampling mechanisms show the importance of sampling information when modelling through the IBIS specification. This is an attempt to make model developers and model users aware of the importance of sampling when running channel simulations.