Boot Camp — PI Ecosystem Simulation & Measurement: VRM + PDN + Digital Load

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Originally Aired - Monday, August 16 8:00 AM - 4:15 PM

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Location: Grand Ballroom 220A

Event Information

Title: Boot Camp — PI Ecosystem Simulation & Measurement: VRM + PDN + Digital Load

Event Type: DesignCon - Boot Camp

Pass Type: All-access Pass, Boot Camp Pass

Theme: Automotive,High-speed Communications,Data Centers,Infrastructure


A Power Integrity Bootcamp that combines hands-on simulation and measurement demos of the three frequency bands of power delivery. Low frequency power supply, mid-band PCB PDN de-coupling capacitors, and high frequency package/die capacitance.  Walk through the PI workflow that optimizes these three power delivery systems for flat impedance in the frequency domain and then verifies with end-to-end system performance in the time domain. Learn how PCB EM models and accurate measured models of components enable “right the first-time” designs for capacitor selection and placement vs trade-offs in routing and stack-up design.  The goal is quiet power delivery with low EMI.

For those planning to attend this Boot Camp:
Attendees will need to bring their own laptop in order to participate in the hands-on simulation labs. Remote Cloud desktop access will be provided via USB sticks using individual logins.


Key takeaways

Measured models for VRM and passive components, PCB layout parasitics and EM modeling, using simulators for flat impedance decoupling optimization.  The power of network Analyzer impedance measurements combined with time domain power rail observations.  Simulation to measurement correlation for power integrity.