Keynote — Beyond 5G: The Need for End-to-End Programmability

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Originally Aired - Monday, August 16 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

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Location: Grand Ballroom 220A

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Title: Keynote — Beyond 5G: The Need for End-to-End Programmability

Event Type: DesignCon - Keynote

Pass Type: All Pass Types

Theme: 5G,Automotive,Autonomous,Consumer Electronics,Internet of Things (IoT),Medical Applications,Security,Sensing/Vision Systems


5G has tremendous potential to enable revolutionary services as technologies come together — from the rise of AI, to the emergence of the edge, to a tsunami of Internet of Things data, and transformed 5G networks. As we look to what is coming beyond 5G, we will see some of the same trends writ large as well as new requirements. The emergence of vertically targeted and private networks could revolutionize how adjacent businesses operate (industrial, government, medical, etc) but will exert stringent requirements in terms of latency and reliability. 6G will see the convergence of compute and communication and will continue to stress our ability to deliver increasing performance within constrained power envelopes.

Furthermore, deployment models have changed from only dedicated appliances to also encompass virtualized, and now cloud native, implementations. This keynote will explore how the plethora of solutions and emergence of new demands will drive the dual requirements of scalability and programmability to address the necessary portfolio breadth in a timely and power-efficient manner.