Air as a Primary Dielectric to Minimize Losses

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, August 18 9:00 AM - 9:40 AM

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Location: Exec Ballroom 210B

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Title: Air as a Primary Dielectric to Minimize Losses

Event Type: DesignCon - Technical Session

Pass Type: All-Access Pass, 2-Day Pass

Theme: 5G


This advanced technology for manufacturing very low loss RF and millimeter wave components and circuits uses standard PCB manufacturing facilities.  This technique allows designers to make waveguides, transmission lines, filters, antennas, other passive devices and complex passive circuits directly integrated into a PCB or discrete, breaking the dependence on costly high frequency substrates while delivering even lower losses.

Benefits include reduced dielectric losses and reduced resistive losses.  This process provides the ability for very high aspect ratio conductors with improved Q-Factor.  This can be achieved for very complicated passive structures while simplifying electromagnetic modeling.