Panel — Getting Onboard (& Package) with Photonics: What'll It Take?

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, August 18 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

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Location: Meeting Room 212AB

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Title: Panel — Getting Onboard (& Package) with Photonics: What'll It Take?

Event Type: DesignCon - Panel Discussion

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Photonics is becoming relevant, then prevalent, and finally dominant at shorter and shorter distances. Today, telecommunications delivered over kilometers to your home and business travel via fiber optics, an application dominated by photonics. Now photonics has moved into the data center. Massive hyperscale data centers across the globe struggle with power consumption and cost, heat, bandwidth, and data latency. Replacing copper wire with fiber optics addresses all these issues.  The takeover of fiber optics between racks in the data center is largely complete, and fiber has moved onto interconnecting servers in the same rack. So photonics has already moved from dominance at kilometer distances, to prevalence at ten of meters distances, to relevance at single meter distances. In 2021, Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) will become more commonly commercially available, promising to make photonics relevant at millimeter distances. Work is underway to integrate the photonics, including the laser, on-chip with electronics, moving photonics relevance down to microns.  Why hasn't this happened sooner? Is it inevitable? What are the barriers to bringing photonics onto the board and package? What are the benefits? When will it happen? This panel will discuss all these issues and more.