Reflection Removal for High-speed Signal Link & Mid-bus Probing

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, August 18 8:00 AM - 8:40 AM

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Location: Exec Ballroom 210C

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Title: Reflection Removal for High-speed Signal Link & Mid-bus Probing

Event Type: DesignCon - Technical Session

Pass Type: All-Access Pass, 2-Day Pass

Theme: Data Centers


This work presents a novel and general method to remove channel reflections and boost system performance as opposed to traditional equalization techniques. The proposed method can be applied to both single-ended and differential signaling interfaces. The proposed method samples the signal at two locations in the channel, usually 3~20mm apart. Signals sampled from these two locations are processed by a rigorous yet simple algorithm, which removes the reflection (backward propagating signal) and extracts the forward propagating signal. Signal integrity is significantly improved with reflection being effectively removed. The reflection removal algorithm is the core part of this work. Both mathematical derivation and hardware implementation will be thoroughly discussed in this paper.  This method can be implemented with an active analog filter, which can be inserted as a discrete component into an unterminated or weakly terminated channel, so that the channel performance can be improved to the level of a well terminated channel, while low power consumption can still be maintained. This method can also be applied to mid-bus probing for logic analysis. With reflections effectively removed, the probing location can be very flexible without compromising signal integrity or data rate.